New Client Space

New Client space

Your Client space is evolving !
Take advantage of new paths, a new design and functionalities tailored to your needs.

You’ll find all the functions of the previous site, plus a number of new features, such as a reimbursement search engine, a new display for the Third-Party payment card, a document counter in the mailbox and a new FAQ.
Other features will gradually be added to the site.

On the page that opens, click on « Access my Customer space » then on « Register now ».

Once your account has been created, return to and click on « Login ».

Why (re)create your account?

You had a Witiwi account before 23/05/2024?

Then you need to create a new account.
The new Customer Area uses a different login system to the old site, which does not allow existing accounts to be retrieved.

If you already had an account on the current site, your login details will not be retrieved. Don’t use the « forgot password » function, just click on the « Register now » link on the login screen.

You can, however, use the same e-mail address and password. You will need to enter a telephone number. You will receive a call or a code (at your convenience), to guarantee the security of your access.

Didn’t create your Witiwi account before 23/05/2024 or are you a new member?

We invite you to create your Witiwi Customer Area account to benefit from our online services.
To find out more, see our video tutorial.

Need to complete your enrolment form?

Create your account on the new site and access directly the new enrolment form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account for the new site?

Yes, if you wish to continue using our online services, you must create a new account.

Existing accounts will not be transferred to the new site, which no longer uses the same login system.

Will the old Insured Extranet remain accessible?

No, the old site will be shut down by summer.

We are leaving it open temporarily to allow everyone to carry out urgent procedures before creating their account in the new Client Space.

Will I be informed of the closure of the old site?

Yes, we’ll let you know when the old site will be removed.

We advise you to create your account on the new site before this deadline.

What is "Connection by double authentication"?

Double authentication secures access to your Client Space.

In addition to your login details (email and password), you will receive a code by SMS on the telephone number you provided when creating your account. You can also choose to receive a call (on a landline or cell phone).